If you are looking for a roofing company, we are here to help.

 We can handle  all types of roof (architectural shingles, Shake, Metal,Tiles,  flats roofs like PVC,TPO, EPDM and TORCH DOWN installations.

  1. It all starts with a complete and thorough inspection.

  2. Our contractors will survey your roof to find damage, deterioration, and entry points for leaks in case of repair.

  3. We will mail you an estimate and discuss the best solutions with you in detail.

  4. We always strive to provide high quality work for a reasonable rate.

In addition to roofing services. We repair all types of roof (asphalt roofs, Shake, EPDM, TPO, PVC, Tile, and metal roofs. Whether you have an ongoing leak, or are simply interested in knowing the condition of your roof, we provide a free thorough estimate.


  1. Our estimator will take a digital photos of the specific problem areas of the roof. 

  2. Share them with you.

  3. Evaluate the condition of the roof.

  4. And provide you whit an accurate repair quote.

WILL'S ROOFING COMPANY is committed to completing your project right time.

Give us a Call today to receive your free estimate for a full 

Replacement or repair.